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West Coast Party

Site situated in the north end of Canada’s Garden City had a non-functional, unstructured space, steep unusable slopes and inadequate areas for gathering or playing.

The desire was to go beyond the landscaping and transform the land and the people in it by introducing the concept of a West Coast Party. The goal was to create a union of spaces where living outdoors is much like living indoors. The well-scaled vertical structures add human dimension to the treed site and by adding a glass roof allow the homeowners to celebrate and entertain all year round in all weather conditions.

The plan encompassed a space for gardening, dining, and entertaining, and open spaces for playing. The entertaining and dining modules merge together with a new bluestone patio, comfortable kitchen, dining area, and outdoor living room with a fireplace. The original freestanding smoke room, which obstructed the site’s only open space was relocated and refurbished. All the design elements happily coexist with nature and the rest of the site. The outdoor kitchen was custom designed incorporating high-end appliances and lighting which adds interest and rhythm to the space extending its usefulness well into the evening. Project was completed in 2016.

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